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“I recommend visiting Penang, located on the northwest coast of Malaysia. Once a British colony, the state has many beautiful colonial-era buildings that have been preserved through the years. The Malaysian population consists of Chinese, Malays and Indian, and this unique cultural mix is a major influence behind its cuisine. You can’t visit Penang without trying its food, so I recommend hawker classics such as char koay teow, prawn mee, and eating at restaurants that serve “Nyonya” cuisine, which is the result of blending Chinese ingredients and recipes with Indo-Malay flavours, herbs and spices.” – Alex Yuen CPA (practising), Partner of Alex Yuen & Co.


“I recommend Excel VBA巨集的職場效率術 by 楊玉文 and 陳智揚. As accountants, knowing how to carefully manage data is key, especially when it comes to financial reporting. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), which is the programming language of Microsoft Excel and other Office applications, is a simple and effective way to handle large amounts of data. The book covers both basic and intermediate-level concepts in VBA in a way that are easy to understand and applicable. The methods in this book have helped accelerate everyday tasks and increase my overall working efficiency.” – Stanley Hui CPA, Assistant Accounting Manager at Hutchison Property Group Limited

Hala, guitarist of NiLiu


“I recommend listening to the band NiLiu (逆流), which is a local Hong Kong metal band. Songs such as 序樂 (Prelude), 一瞬 (One moment), and Can you hear us are a few of my favourites. The title of their band name, which means ‘countercurrent’ in English, points to two things about the band and their music: that they are a rare breed in Hong Kong, since metal music has never gone mainstream, and their will to go against the grain to earn recognition. The lyrics of their songs are meaningful and contain cheerful and positive messages, which I think is particularly inspirational, given what Hong Kong and the world has gone through in the past two years.” – Marcus Ng CPA, Finance Director of A.S. Watson Retail (HK) Ltd. – Fortress

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