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Nagai Botanical Garden


“With the recent scrapping of hotel quarantine in Hong Kong, now is the time to start booking tickets for your next – and well-deserved – holiday. With that in mind, I recommend visiting Osaka, in Japan. There is plenty to do in Japan’s third most populous city, from visiting famous temples and shrines to dining at its entertainment district of Dotonbori. But if you want to try something different, visit Nagai Botanical Garden. The garden itself is now home to a permanent art exhibition put together by art collective teamLab and features digital art installations such as sunflowers that light up when people approach, or pods that change colour depending on the time of day. The 240,000-square metre garden is also home to roughly 1,200 species of plants.” – Janet Wong CPA, Country Audit Lead, Nestlé Japan


“I recommend Metaverse by Zhao Guodong, Yi Huanhuan and Xu Yuanzhong. This book talks about how the metaverse may have a profound effect on how we think and behave, alter our current socioeconomic paradigm and give birth to a new form of human civilization in the virtual world. Though the technologies required for its full potential are nascent, one must consider its legal and risk implications by keeping up with new regulations within the virtual market, including those related to privacy and data security, intellectual property ownerships and rights, and the trading of non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies. The book emphasizes that control and monitoring measures must be synchronized with the development of the virtual world to ensure the smooth operation of the virtual market and protect people. This will allow people to enjoy the benefits and convenience brought by the metaverse.” – Ivan So CPA, Risk Advisory Manager at BDO

One Cut of the Dead


“If you want to have a good laugh, I recommend watching One Cut of the Dead, which is a Japanese zombie comedy film. The movie, written and directed by independent filmmaker Shin’ichirō Ueda, follows a team of actors and filmmakers, who have to shoot a zombie film in an abandoned Japanese war facility for live television, and do it all in a single take. Things quickly go awry for the film crew when they are attacked by real zombies. It is getting harder for directors to produce a comedy without reusing the same gags or scenes from other films – but the same cannot be said for One Cut of the Dead. I have not truly laughed at a comedy in many years until now.” – Jackson Li CPA, Internal Audit Manager at the Hong Kong Productivity Council

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