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O Veggie


“Try the food at O Veggie by Gingko House, which is a social enterprise restaurant group that has been providing employment opportunities for the elderly in Hong Kong’s food and beverage industry for almost 17 years. Some of their restaurants even feature live music, performed by elderly performers. Their dishes are delicious, and I recommend ordering their salted kumquat soda, vegetarian spaghetti, or vegetarian risotto. Both the spaghetti and risotto are light, fresh, and perfect for when you want to eat something healthy. The social enterprise has been especially helpful during the pandemic – they distribute meal boxes, protective face masks, hand sanitizer, bottled drinks and fresh fruit to the needy every day.” –  Corwin Kwong CPA, Internal Auditor at The Salvation Army


“I recommend A Global History: From Prehistory to the 21st Century by Leften Stavrianos. This best-selling book is a classic exploration of world history, and looks at major events that have had a global impact. It stresses connections between the past, present and future, and emphasizes the question “What does it mean for us today?” This book is especially instructive for Hong Kong accountants nowadays who are working in a dynamic business environment. It was an impressive read.” – Louis Lin FCPA, Associate Vice President, Christie’s Asia

Robert Schumann


“I recommend Frauenliebe und Leben, Op. 42 (A Woman’s Love and Life) written by German composer Robert Schumann. It is song cycle comprised of eight songs detailing a woman’s love for a man, getting married, having a child, and then ending with her husband’s death. Schumann’s music perfectly complements the lyrical poetry in the songs with beautiful melodies, tempo and expression marks to express the woman’s emotions. Schumann closes the song cycle with a postlude on the piano referencing the first song about the early days when she first admired this man. This song allows listeners to emotionally understand a woman’s journey through love and life, through such a great piece of music.” – Gloria Chan CPA

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