Eyes and ears

Institute members on what music they are currently listening to and what books are worth reading

What I’m listening to

“I have been listening to Panther Chan’s songs recently. Her music is unique and comes with inspiring lyrics. The one I love most is In Good Hands. A fast-paced song with motivational lyrics, it can give you a quick mood boost when you’re feeling down. This song always makes feel better again and also reminds me that everything will be fine in the end,” says Kwong.

– Elaine Kwong, Senior Manager at Deloitte

What I’m reading

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari is an inspiring book about human history, more precisely, about our species. Harari lays out momentous events in our species’ evolution such as the cognitive revolution, agricultural revolution, the rise of religion, money – all in an entertaining way. As you go along, you will find it fascinating to learn about the major milestones of modern human civilization.

– Michael Teh, Financial Controller of Algorand Foundation

I recommend Fedegraphica by Mark Hodgkinson. It is a biography of Roger Federer, arguably the greatest tennis player of all time. Based on interviews with Federer himself and those close to him, the book tells how a young boy from Basel, Switzerland grew up into a poised tennis player capable of beating players younger than him. I enjoyed its statistics and analysis of Federer against his rivals and also the infographics analysing his serving patterns. If you are a fan of Federer or a tennis fanatic like myself, this book will not disappoint.

– Jason Lee, Finance Manager at Time Grand Limited

Though I’m only halfway through the book, I recommend Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss. The author is a former FBI hostage negotiator who shares his years of experience in negotiating. I learned of Voss via some of his YouTube videos which had me really intrigued and led me to buy his book. Whether you are interested in learning his high-stakes negotiation techniques or curious about the human mind, this book is filled with insights that will blow your mind.

– Wallace Lau, Chief Financial Officer of Alès Group Limited

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