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October 2023 Issue
An overview of the Institute’s study which identified core messages to attract talent and approaches for talent retention
October 2023 Issue
A look at whether Hong Kong’s family office regime makes the city a highly competitive family office location
July 2023 Issue
A summary of the continuing professional development requirements and tips on how to meet them
April 2023 Issue
The entity’s experience in adopting proposed standards under the ISSB’s exposure drafts
April 2023 Issue
A look at intellectual property-related tax issues faced by Hong Kong companies in the innovation and technology sector
January 2023 Issue
An overview of the continuing professional development requirements for Institute members
January 2023 Issue
The Institute’s recommendations for the 2023-24 Budget
August 2022 issue
A step-by-step guide for smaller fund managers who will need to follow new guidelines in managing climate-related risks from this November
February 2022 issue
What practitioners must keep in mind with regards to referral fees for the introduction of clients and in maintaining registered offices
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