Contingency planning

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April 2023 Issue
How Hong Kong attractions are positioning themselves for the tourism revival
Q&A with a PAIP

Christopher Tam CPA

February 2022 issue
Christopher Tam CPA, Director, Actuarial and Insurance Solutions at Deloitte
September 2021 issue
Raymond Tam CPA, Chief Financial Officer of Adagene Inc., on how his CPA skills help him to add value in the biotech industry

Starting over

January 2021 issue
How can businesses use the pandemic as a means for change and even long-term growth?
June 2020 issue
Experts chime in on the latest topics in accountancy and business

Time for Plan B

April 2020 issue
How companies can implement contingency planning measures to navigate uncertainties amid the COVID-19 pandemic
February 2019 issue
A look at how a no-deal Brexit could affect businesses and employment in Britain, and the possible implications for Hong Kong
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