Path to the profession

December 2019 issue
An inside look at how the Institute's new QP will champion and usher in a new era of successful accountants ready to take on the world

Learning how to learn

December 2019 issue
Why professionals must cultivate effective learning habits to foster ongoing development, even if it means learning on-the-go

Mentoring the future of insolvency

December 2019 issue
Julie Hertzberg, President of INSOL International, on what it’s really like working in the fast-paced world of insolvency and restructuring
Driving Business Success
December 2019 issue

Institute updates



Business news

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HSBC’s Swiss private bank will pay upwards of US$192 million in fines after admitting to the United States Department of Justice that it conspired with U.S. taxpayers to avoid taxes.
A sample of 100 companies analysed by the IASB identified nine different definitions of operating profits, which has made it problematic for investors and analysts to conduct company performance comparisons.
The United States’ government threatened to tax US$2.4 billion worth of French goods in response to a digital services tax imposed by France that would affect large U.S. tech companies.


Source article
December 2019 issue
A closer look at the defences in disciplinary cases involving audit deficiencies by small firms
Source article
December 2019 issue
An overview of the Institute's annual meeting with the IRD
Technical articles
December 2019 issue
The challenges faced by corporates and SMEs in applying HKFRS 9
Technical news
The latest standards and technical developments

Work-life balance

December 2019 issue
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