The global accountant

March 2019 issue
Kevin Dancey, new Chief Executive Officer of the International Federation of Accountants, on the steps it is taking to safeguard the profession amid a rapidly changing environment

A closer look at China's grand plan

March 2019 issue
Tax experts share their views on the Greater Bay Area development plan

One China, two stock connects

March 2019 issue
A look at the opportunities for investors with the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect
Driving Business Success
March 2019 issue

Institute updates



Business news

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Up to HK$60,000
Hong Kong lawmakers passed an amended law on 20 March allowing taxpayers to collect up to HK$60,000 in tax deductions.
£1 trillion
Financial services companies in the United Kingdom have begun initiating no-deal contingency plans, shifting an estimated £1 trillion worth of assets out of the U.K.
The number out of the 93 billionaires in the United Kingdom who have moved their assets overseas to legally avoid paying taxes according to The Times.


Source article
March 2019 issue
An overview on the link between political ties and tax avoidance on the Mainland
Source article
March 2019 issue
A look at the implications of the profits tax exemption for private funds in Hong Kong
Technical news
The latest standards and technical developments

Work-life balance

March 2019 issue
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