Settling the standard

April 2020 issue
A look at the global debate on how goodwill accounting can improve for better disclosures about acquisitions

Time for Plan B

April 2020 issue
How companies can implement contingency planning measures to navigate uncertainties amid the COVID-19 pandemic

The full perspective

April 2020 issue
Fiona Nott, Chief Executive Officer at The Women's Foundation, on the fight for more women in leadership roles in the city
Driving Business Success
April 2020 issue

Institute updates



Business news

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A survey of 140 companies in Hong Kong found that 15 percent of them had reduced base salaries for executives since the coronavirus began affecting the city’s economy
KPMG in the United Kingdom and one of its senior partners have been reprimanded, and the firm fined £455,000 (HK$4.3 million), due to deficiencies during an audit of a U.K. company.
US$11 million
A British court has ordered EY in the United Kingdom to pay US$10.8 million to a former partner who blew the whistle on suspected money laundering at a major gold refinery in the United Arab Emirates.


Source article
April 2020 issue
An overview of the Inland Revenue Department’s guidance on digital assets
Source article
April 2020 issue
A look at how the OECD’s new guidance can help taxpayers affected by the pandemic
Source article
April 2020 issue
A look at the new tax relief measures to help individuals in the United States
Technical news
The latest standards and technical developments

Work-life balance

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