Always serving the public

April 2021 issue
John Chu, Director of Audit at the Audit Commission, on the most fulfilling aspects about his long career in the public sector

Investing for a sustainable future

April 2021 issue
How will the rise of green finance in Hong Kong elevate the city on the global stage?

Meeting the needs of SMPs

April 2021 issue
Members of the Institute’s Small and Medium Practices Committee discuss at a roundtable the many pressing challenges SMPs face in the city and how the Institute can help
Driving Business Success
April 2021 issue

Institute updates



Business news

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HK$8.4 BILLION made its debut on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 19 April, with its shares reaching a high of 4.9 percent before ending at 4.55 percent from their issue price.
United States President Joe Biden is looking to almost double the capital gains tax for wealthy individuals to 39.6 percent, from the current base rate of 20 percent, as part of his economic reforms.
Bernard Madoff, an investment manager who choreographed the largest Ponzi scheme in history, died on 14 April at the age of 82.


Technical articles
April 2021 issue
The proposed new accounting model for business combinations under common control
Technical articles
April 2021 issue
How the revisions to the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants better promote the role and mindset expected of all professional accountants
Technical news
The latest standards and technical developments

Work-life balance

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