Planning for our future

January 2020 issue
Johnson Kong, Managing Director of BDO Hong Kong, on his three main priorities this year as the Institute's new President

What's the purpose?

January 2020 issue
Winners of last year’s Best Corporate Governance Awards discuss the benefits of being a purpose-driven business

Framework for success

January 2020 issue
The work and reasons behind the Professional Development Framework for Professional Accountants in Business
Driving Business Success
January 2020 issue

Institute updates



Business news

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US$8.14 billion
A total of US$8.14 billion in anti-money laundering penalties for 58 AML-related breaches were issued globally in 2019, according to automated Know-Your-Customer solutions company Encompass Corporation.
Hong Kong people put aside about 9 percent of their savings in the MPF and other pension plans, while around 53 percent of their savings goes into bank deposits and 21 percent in stock investments.
The average hourly fees public companies pay to external auditors in the United States has increased by 31 percent over the past decade to US$283 in 2018, according to a new survey from the Financial Education & Research Foundation.


Source article
January 2020 issue
A look at why the benefits given to an employee were not for past services but were related to other matters
Source article
January 2020 issue
A look at the methodology of the World Bank Group’s Paying Taxes study and Hong Kong’s ranking in it
Technical news
The latest standards and technical developments

Work-life balance

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