Special report: An assuring future

February 2020 issue
How emerging technologies and changing expectations are upending what it means to be an auditor today, and why auditors have to stay ahead in an age of tightening regulations 

From idea to success

February 2020 issue
Hugh Chow, Chief Executive Officer of ASTRI, on innovating Hong Kong's future

The trust builder

February 2020 issue
Ivan Chan, Practising Director at Mazars, on the important lessons he has learned from over 20 years in the audit profession
Driving Business Success
February 2020 issue

Institute updates



Business news

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1.2 trillion yuan
Mainland China’s central bank pumped 1.2 trillion yuan into its financial markets on 2 February, as part of an effort by regulators to mitigate market volatility amid the coronavirus outbreak in the country.
Only 36 percent of organizations say cybersecurity is involved at the initial planning stage of new digital initiatives, according to a new survey by EY.
US$9 billion
Facebook went to trial on 25 February on charges of owing more US$9 billion in taxes linked to its decision to shift profits to Ireland to avoid paying higher taxes in the United States.


Source article
February 2020 issue
An overview of the implications of new economic substance laws on Hong Kong businesses
Technical news
The latest standards and technical developments

Work-life balance

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